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Our Methodology
Our portfolios are invested in globally diversified asset classes and are built to maximize returns and lower risk commensurate with the results of each client's risk tolerance and overall financial profile. Each of our model portfolios has a specifically-defined goal and is built around a discipined asset allocation framework.

Our clients have access to portfolios that range from all fixed-income holdings used to generate maximum current income and preserve principal to moderate portfolios that include a blend of fixed income and equity holdings to all equity portfolios built for maximum capital appreciation potential. This allows us to manage our clients' wealth in a manner that is consistent with their overall financial profile.

Core Holdings

We use a well-established and proven "core and satellite" approach when we devise a portfolio's asset allocation. The "core" positions held in a portfolio represent the highest quality and most stable type of holding. An example of a "core" holding is a fund that buys large capitalization companies that have stellar balance sheets and pay a high, consistent and increasing dividend. These types of "core" holdings provide a solid foundation for a portfolio and help minimize its volatility.

Satellite Holdings
The "satellite" positions are invested in areas, sectors or asset classes that we believe will add excess value, diversification and enhance the returns of the portfolio by outperforming a broad market benchmark. "Satellite" positions may also help decrease risk because they are often not highly correlated with the "core" holdings.

We would include a holding as a satellite position within a model portfolio only after careful reearch and if our investment team believed that the fundamentals of the asset class were attractive and that it would outperform the broad market. We routinely have exposure to multiple areas and asset classes in our satellite positions.

Brooks Clark Ltd. conducts ongoing, in-depth research into current economic conditions and developing trends in the global capital markets. This allows us to determine what areas to underweight or overweight for both the "core" and "satellite" components. The primary purpose of this strategy is to generate additional returns and decrease risk over time.

Once we determine what areas we want exposure to and in what varying percentages, we populate both our core and satellite positions with a combination of active and passive funds. Combining active and passive funds helps increase the portfolio's tax efficiency, makes the portfolio more cost-effective, and provides maximum flexibility and liquidity. This blending of active and passive investment management, utilized in the context of a "core" and "satellite" framework, is what makes Brooks Clark Ltd.'s professionally managed portfolios exceptional, consistent and unique.

The content of this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation or recommendation of any investment strategy. Investments and/or investment strategies involve risk including the possible loss of principal. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives.

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